About Us

The Research Institute for Structural Change (RISC) is a nonprofit public interest research organization that promotes community-led social change in four areas of advocacy: gender and racial equity, global health, education and youth empowerment, and cultural change. Our mission is to mend the resource gap that exists between grassroots organizations working to eradicate structural inequalities and the data-driven needs community organizations must meet to thrive as effective agents of change in public and policy arenas. We forge partnerships and alliances that transform research into action through bold and inclusive research frameworks rooted in structural justice and in doing research in the public interest. We provide opportunity development for diverse researchers serving as community advocates, and we support individuals across artistic and activist arenas who are working to shift cultural conversations towards structural justice.  We believe that securing lasting, socially transformative structural change remains a pressing global challenge in the collective struggle for social, racial, gender, and environmental justice. Our era is increasingly defined by policy rollbacks and unprecedented setbacks in civil rights, gender equity, and environmental challenges that have deep structural causes and intersecting root structures. The Research Institute for Structural Change responds to the multilevel and multimodal challenges of ongoing structural inequality (such as racial health disparities and differential health outcomes tied to environmental racism) through an innovative systems-change framework that bridges high-quality research in the public interest with community activism and people-centered grassroots power.  Interested in joining our efforts?

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